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Our Unique Washout Bin Design Offers


- Eco-Pan's closed fork channels allow contractors to easily relocate washout bins as needed to maintain non-congested work areas.

Unique Size

- Eco-Pans are sized to be very efficient for tight job sites.


- Eco-Pan's service is second to none with same day service available (extra charges may apply for same day service).

Placement in difficult to access areas

- Our unique washout bin design allows placement in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Heavy-duty "Lifting Eyes"

- With the help of its heavy-duty eyelets, Eco-Pan washout bins can be used with a crane.

Extra-Wide Flange

- The extra-wide flange provides strength and safety.

Tapered Design

- This allows materials to be disposed of and recycled with ease.

Benefits of Eco-Pan Washout Bins

  • Delivered to and removed from job site quickly - Same day service available
  • Portable, easily moved around jobsite with forklift, crane or other equipment
  • Two sizes available - smaller washout bins fit under pump for pump washout
  • Convenient on-site clean up of ready mix trucks and pumps
  • Recycles material rather than disposing of in landfill
  • Avoid costly fines and off site cleanup fees
  • Helps comply with SWPPP requirements and industrial BMP
  • No dangerous ramps to navigate
  • Protects the environment
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Minimizes industrial stormwater
  • Contains Spills
  • Watertight

Eco-Pan heavy steel, portable washout bins are watertight and help to minimize industrial stormwater.
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